Why families choose Christian education

Enrolment in Christian schools is growing! 
Here are some of the reasons parents and students choose Christian education:

A safe space to learn

Studies show that Christian schools provide a unique environment for students. With less bullying, more teacher engagement and values-based education, the school experience for students is more positive.


Higher engagement

Teachers, administrators and volunteers are deeply engaged with students, with a much higher percentage of students participating in extra curriculum activities and leadership opportunities.

Values-based education

Christian schools do not apologize for teaching from a God-centric perspective. They encourage students to ask questions, research and think critically while building a foundation of Christian character.

Teachers dedicated to education and their students

In a climate of hostility between public education and their government funders, public schools have experienced instability with an underlying threat of strikes. Public education has struggled to pivot and respond to COVID. Independent Christian schools have proved more agile and committed to creative solutions to changing paradigms.

Christian schools support and augment family values

Students are affirmed and parental values are validated. With high parental participation in leadership and volunteer roles, parents are confident their values are upheld.

High academic quality

Research shows that students from Christian schools excel and most are accepted into the post-secondary institute of their choice. Christian school students consistently perform higher on standard tests than their public school counterparts.

Discipline is maintained in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities

Parents are confident their child is safe and disciplined when needed. They understand the importance of discipline in daily habits, social situations, and sports.

Christian schools educate the whole child

Education goes beyond the academic, preparing children for adulthood. Educators address the whole child: spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally.

The cost is well worth it!

Parents make a choice to pay tuition costs for their school of choice, believing this is an investment into the future of their child/children. The cost varies from school to school, but families consider Christian education value-added. The income of families varies widely, with many sacrificing to afford tuition. It is a myth that all families sending their children to Christian school are wealthy.

Christian schools value parent-teacher collaboration

Parent involvement is much higher in Christian schools. Teachers and parents are partners in the student’s education, spiritual life and life goals. They work together to help each student reach their God-given potential.

Every Christian school is unique.

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