Shouldn’t my children be salt and light in public schools? Consider:

A significant role of the school is to prepare students for all of life.  While students that are Christian often hold onto their faith in public schools, they are not provided with the understanding and the tools to deepen their faith and grow in understanding.  The public school environment reinforces what the public wants – keep your faith private and to yourself.  Life is complex and living the Christian life requires an ever maturing level of discernment.  Students are at a time of life when they need to solidify and grow in their faith.   

Don’t Christian schools remove children from the real world? Consider:

A well known Christian hymn says: “This is my Father’s world”.   The real world is where Christ is acknowledged as Lord of life.   The real world is one in which students are educated to understand the world from a Christian perspective and be prepared to live their faith in the fullness of their lives.  Place your child in a school where he or she is guided in a critical understanding of the real world and their place in it.  

I went to public school and turned out okay.  Can’t my children do the same? Consider:

The short answer is yes, or maybe even better than okay.  But okay doesn’t mean that it is the best for your children as they walk their journey in faith and understanding.  Furthermore, schools and culture have continued to drift from Christianity and Christian principles.  The challenges are even greater than when you went to school.  As a parent, you have one opportunity to give your children the best.  

My children’s friends go to public school.   Shouldn’t they stay with their friends? Consider:

Switching schools can be a challenge for children.  It is understandable that they would want to stay with their friends.  Christian schools can also be a life changer for students.  What is the basis for making your decision about the environment you choose in which you want your child to learn and grow?   God calls parents to be parents.  Make the decision God asks you to make, even if it hurts a little.  

Are you getting what you’re hoping for in your child’s education?
Who and what is influencing your child?
Will the needs of your child be met?
Can you afford the cost of Christian education? 

Check out the local Christian Elementary or High School looking to partner with you for the best for your child.  

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Is your school helping prepare your child to be the salt of the earth?