All parents want what is best for their child.  Consider:

All parents recognize that they have only one chance to give their children the best opportunities for their future.  The Christian elementary and high school may be the partnership you are looking for.


To state the obvious, schools influence children. Consider:

Teachers are role models for students. Curriculum teaches values both explicitly and implicitly. School cultures exert a powerful influence on the character development of students.    Christian parents want to ensure that what happens during the 1200 hours that students spend in school each year reinforce and build on their beliefs and values.  What influences do you want for your child?

Christian schools are characterized by a strong sense of partnership and wholesome community. Consider:

Christian school communities are characterized by their healthy, safe and encouraging school cultures.   They are staffed by committed Christian teachers who recognize that Christian values and beliefs are foundational to all they do and necessary for all of life.   They are well qualified professionally and creative and innovative in their teaching.  Christian schools are committed to working closely with parents to ensure the best for their children.

The choice you make for your child’s education will communicate to them your values and priorities. Consider:
Christian parents partnering with Christian teachers can help children discover and understand the truth about the world around them. Rather than removing children from the real world, Christian schools help them see it clearly.  It is up to parents to decide which environment they desire for their children outside of the home. 

Are you getting what you’re hoping for in your child’s education?
Who and what  is influencing your child?
Can you afford the cost of Christian education?
Yes, but ……

Check out the local Christian Elementary or High School looking to partner with you for the best for your child.  

Find a local Christian School now.

Is school helping, or hindering you as a parent to strengthen and encourage your children’s faith?