The academic needs of your child.  Consider:

Teachers in Christian schools are Christians who care, are knowledgeable, creative and who are professionally certified to teach in Canadian schools.   The respectful and focused academic climate of Christian schools provides for a high quality education.  Christian school graduates are very well prepared as they move on to next levels in education.   Many schools provide programming for students with special needs with modified or enriched programs.  

What opportunities are there for your child?  Consider:

Christian schools take advantage of their smaller size to create excellent opportunities for students to participate in extra curricular activities.   Whether in sports, music, drama or through class and school activities, Christian schools offer wholesome, creative and challenging opportunities outside of the class  room.    In athletics, most schools compete against other Christian schools, along with the schools in their local community.  

Will your child be encouraged to grow spiritually?  Consider:

The Christian school effectively supports Christian homes and churches as children and teens travel the road of their spiritual journey.     Most Christian schools start and end the day in prayer, have devotional time for students and staff, and have assemblies or chapels.   The integration of Christian and Biblical principles in each class provides a faith-based environment where students, parents, staff, and volunteers work as a team to ensure the growth and success of each student.   In our culture, students are continually bombarded with messages that relegate the Christian faith to the margins of personal life.   These messages come both subtly and overtly.   Christian schools provide students with a foundation for understanding contemporary culture and give them the tools and support they need to live their Christian lives more fully.

What is the long term goal for your child?  Consider: 

When you’re a parent, you are in it for the long haul – you only get to do it once.   You want the best – not just what’s “good enough” – for your children.    Parents want to give their children the best of opportunities and support so that their children are prepared as well as possible to face the challenges of life.   Numerous studies show that a high percentage of students wander away from their Christian faith after their high school years.    Along with Christian homes and churches, a Christian education helps solidify a strong foundation for life.

Are you getting what you’re hoping for in your child’s education?
Who and what  is influencing your child?
Can you afford the cost of Christian education?
Yes, but ……

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