Marketing a Christian Site

Opening up the conversations about Christian Education starts with schools like yours!

Here’s how you can spread the news…

Local School Involvement (what we all can do):

1) Each school will be provided with a marketing kit

  • posters
  • brochures
  • church bulletin announcements
  • school newsletter announcements
  • whychristianschools image logos available for download from the website

2) Each school can provide these resources to their own school memberships, supporters, church contacts

3) Establish Church Ambassadors – These  ambassadors  would either be made of alumni or from local school members that can provide churches with information about whychristianschools as well as your own school information.

4) Each school can find creative ways to post the whychristianschools weblink from within their school communities 


  • post weblink to your school website
  • post as a footer on your school newsletters
  • add it to your school brochures, literature etc…
  • add it to your school signage
  • school family businesses can add it to their literature, vehicles, storefronts etc…

5) Each school can look to their community supporters to gather an inventory of contributing resources

  • financial patrons
  • local business contacts
  • land/building space to post billboards along major highways/roads
  • printers
  • designers etc…


Extra Involvements

Marketing to your own school and church communities is good but It cannot end there. 

We have to make in-roads to the general public. 

Collectively, we can leverage our resources to make an impactful launch to the general public in all our communities.

1) Flyer Wrap Advertising

– through individual  company/local sponsorships the cost can be minimal per region. 

– the flyer wrap would contain a universal design for the front and inside area with the back page containing sponsor ads.

– front page design to speak about the whychristianschool website and its features

– inside spread to show a geographical map showing your regional schools with pullout information around the perimeter of the map with school contact information

– sample FlyerWrap for the Clarington region is enclosed (Newspaper design department can design this for your region)

2) Bus Shelter/Bus Wraps/Bus Interior signs

– bus advertisements are a “moving” advertisement that can be noticed in multiple neighbourhoods

3) Arena Ice Pad Boards

– what better place to reach a captive family market than the local arenas. Place the branding on a ice pad sign – this is where families spend a lot of community time

4) Radio Stations

– reaching into the airways to meeting families in their cars, homes and workplaces

5) Event Sponsorship

– become a sponsor to provide booth coverage at events such as Promise Keepers, Women’s Retreats, SU Sports events etc…

Mission Statement exists as a web gateway to engage and inspire parents in their consideration of the value of Christian day school education for their children and to connect parents to local schools.

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