Children today grow up in a time of confusing and conflicting cultural messages.  These messages come at them through television and the internet, as well as through their peer group and their teachers.   Parents want to ensure that, as much as possible, the messages their children receive and the environment in which their children grow reinforce their values and Biblical beliefs.

Teachers are selected not only for their professional competence but also for their heartfelt Christian commitment and lifestyle.   Consider:

  • Teachers lead in daily devotions and schools regularly hold chapel and other faith building activities.
  • As students travel the journey of faith from primary school through high school, teachers not only lead but also walk with their students as the tough issues are being faced.
  • Teachers shape the character and behaviour of their students, develop respect for fellow students, honoring people in authority and learning to care for the world in which they live.
  • Teachers cultivate a climate of respect for others and for learning.

The influence of your child’s’ peer group increases as the years go on.   Consider:

  • It is important to know that the values of your child’s peer group at school are those that you share.   It also makes it easier to extend friendships beyond the school day.
  • Biblical values and beliefs are the foundation for the building of the school culture, for student learning and behavior, and for school activities.

The curriculum reinforces the values and beliefs important to Christian parents.   Consider:

  • It’s reassuring to know that the family life curriculum and other important topics are in line with your beliefs and family values.
  • Students are taught individual and communal responsibility including caring for people in need and the environment.
  • The curriculum is thoroughly taught, providing a solid academic foundation as students move from year to year and onto higher levels of education.

Are you getting what you’re hoping for in your child’s education?
Who and what  is influencing your child?
Can you afford the cost of Christian education?
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Who, or what, are the major influences in your child’s life? Are they helping, or hindering your role as a parent?