History of the Why Christian Schools Campaign

The choice to send a student to a Christian school is a life changing commitment on the part of most parents. An informed choice is necessary.

The first step in the process of enrolment begins when parents understand the role of a Christian school in their child’s life. This is fundamental in making a decision that can last from 10 to 14 years.

Realizing this, Pickering Christian School approached Durham Christian High to help co-found a ministry to all Christian schools. The initiative was to start a web site that would act as a gateway into helping parents understand the partnership that was offered to them by Christian schools. Modeled after a USA and Australian design, a web site was created for the express purpose of making parents think about the reasons they should send their children to a Christian school. It did not take long for numerous Durham region schools to join in and be a part of the site development and information gathering process.

www.whychristianschools.ca was born from the ideals that all Christian schools can benefit when they collaborate. Having a central point to rally individuals, allows all schools to encourage parents to visit one site where they can consider Christian school enrolment as a viable option for their child.

This website can be used by any school or parent to promote the value of Christian education. By having several schools in the same area use the same branding behind the website they can multiply the impact of their advertising campaign. Key to this is the ability for interested parents to locate all Christian schools in their area through the web site. Once parents are convinced of the need for Christian education they can then approach their local school for more details.

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